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Important information about your Buckt subscripton



We are resending this email about the upcoming price changes, which was originally sent on the 18th September. If you have already read this, please note that this email contains the same information as the first message.


Dear valued Buckt customer,


First off, I’d just like to personally thank you for your continued support and custom. We’re constantly overwhelmed by the positive feedback towards the product and genuinely appreciate our Buckt family.


Below, we have provided information outlining an important change to Buckt. We would encourage you to read it in its entirety.


Please note that these changes won’t affect your subscription until 1st November 2023





Change in pricing structure


As part of our continued efforts to improve the product, we are introducing new tiers and a new pricing structure for the product.


Moving forward, there will be 3 tiers:



How many activities?   Price (for 2 people)  Additional information
 Tier 1 – 5 Tickets  5 activities £40 (£20 per person)
 Tier 2 – 3 Tickets  3 activities £25 (£12.50 per person)
Tier 3 – ‘Lucky Dip’  No guaranteed activities £5 (£2.50 per person)
– No guaranteed tickets
– Entry into our ‘lucky dips’ where you can win that month’s tickets
– Access to ‘spare’ tickets for under-booked events
– Option to buy discounted tickets

You can find out more about our Lucky Dip on our website here.




In summary, the 5 ticket product will increase to £40 for two people, we have introduced a lower tier product which includes 3 activities for £25 for two people and a third tier which includes no set activities for £5 for two people.


For new subscribers, these price changes (including the change in price for the 5 ticket product) have already come into effect and have been in effect for a couple of months. 


For our current subscribers, your rate will be locked in and remain at £30 until the 1st November. This means that you will continue to get 5 activities for the current price until the date specified.


We strongly believe that this still represents fantastic value for money. Subscribers will be receiving 5 activities for just £20 each, as opposed to £15 each – an increase of just £5 per person.


As outlined below, the increase in price will be used to improve the product even further and provide a better overall service.









What will happen to current subscribers between now and the 1st November?


  • Your subscription will remain at £30 (or the discounted rate if a promotion was used when you signed up i.e. 10% off your first 3 months, a gift redemption etc).
  • No changes will be made to your subscription until the 1st November. On the 1st November, your subscription fee will automatically increase to £40.
  • If you have a gift subscription, any pre-paid months will not be affected. If your subscription rolls over to our standard subscription, you will be charged £30 per month until the 1st November.
  • If you wish to downgrade your subscription to the 3 ticket tier or the ‘lucky dip’ option, you can do so by emailing


If you unsubscribe during this time and wish to resubscribe at a later point, you will be required to do so under the new pricing. The current rate of £30 will only be locked in if your subscription remains live throughout this period.











Why is the price of Buckt increasing?


A lot of thought and discussion went into this decision. I have always wanted Buckt to be as low cost as possible to make it as accessible as possible.


The harsh reality, however, is that at the current price, we are unable to sufficiently invest in the product. We need to bring in new staff, new partners, new technology to make the experience better for you but  without this change, that isn’t possible. 

This isn’t about maximising our revenues, but securing the future of the business and improving things for you – our subscribers. At the old prices, there were big questions about whether the product could continue in the long-term.

We do genuinely believe that the new prices still represents great value (£20 per person for 5 activities 🤯), and know that the price increase will allow us to make Buckt better for you.


In addition to the above, there are a number of other factors that are contributing to this decision.


Improving the product

As a company, we are committed to improving the product. The price increase will be used to fund these improvements, which includes but is not limited to:

  • More partnerships and new and exciting activities.
  • An improved user experience on the app and website (see below).
  • An improved customer service experience with faster response times.
  • The inclusion of more bonus activities, surprises and more personal touches.

A new app and better user experience

Some of you will be aware that we are set to launch a new app. We believe that this will improve the user experience, and minimise any technical issues which may arise from our current app.


The change to the pricing will allow us to continue to invest in this and regularly introduce new features.


Providing more services to enhance your experience

The business is also going through a period of growth, and we are constantly developing new products and innovations to help further your experience. The price change will contribute to these developments.


Offering more options

We understand that not everyone has time for 5 activities each month. We also understand that people may want flexibility. With this in mind, the new tiers will give people who like the concept and want to experience the mystery each month, but not necessarily have to commit to 5 activities.



As mentioned, these are necessary improvements which will help better your experience, but also secure the future of Buckt.



We are really excited to be implementing these improvements, and look forward to sending more incredible mystery tickets in your direction soon.


Daniel Bridgewater

Founder and CEO, on behalf of the Buckt Team













Additional questions:


A friend wants to sign up. Can they sign up at the current rate or will they need to pay the new rate?

We will be offering a period of transition for friends of our subscribers. This means that they can sign up at the current rate of £30 for 5 mystery tickets, but they must do so by midnight on 30th September.


If they sign up now, they will be locked in at the current rate until the 1st November (like our pre-existing subscribers).

They must sign up using one of the following links:


  1. Birmingham
  2. Manchester
  3. Liverpool


Signing up through our website or any other link will result in them being charged the higher rate.


How will subscriber’s accounts be changed? Do you need to do anything?

You do not need to do anything. Your account will automatically be changed on 1st November.











Buckt expands into the South West and Worcestershire


As you may be aware, Buckt has recently announced its expansion into four new regions. Those regions are:

  • Bristol
  • Bath
  • Cardiff
  • Worcestershire

We cannot wait to get going and look forward to bringing our Buckt brand of fun to more people across the country.


If you know anyone in one of those regions who you think would be interested in Buckt, they can sign up here.


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